Assembly Automation Case Studies: Automotive hinge assembly and test system

Client: Southco Manufacturing
Part: Automotive Hinge
Machine supplied: Automotive hinge assembly and test system
Overview: This system was designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to assemble an automotive hinge within their production environment. TQC developed this system alongside the client to allow them to assembly parts into subassemblies and then into a complete hinge unit. Finally, the machine does a full function test on the compled part.

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Key features:

Assembly & Test System built by TQC for an Automotive Hinge

TQC has produced a free standing assembly & test bench for the production of automotive hinges. The hinge is designed to lock at a defined angle, to achieve this a set of detent balls and springs are used within the assembly.

The bench layout provides space for hand assembly as required of the hinge and for easier operation of the required assembly processes in sequence. Storage bins for all the necessary components are mounted at the rear of the bench. (see sequence of operation below)

The final test fixture performs a functional test whereby the hinge is opened and closed, with loads monitored to ensure it operates in a satisfactory manner.

Sequence of operation

1. Hinge Pin insertion to depth, fixture includes poka yoke features for checking of pin type and orientation.
2. Grease application into 3 orifices


3. Bowl feeding of balls & springs
4. Automatic function test including load and angle checking



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