Assembly Automation Case Studies: Automotive poka-yoke assembly bench for automotive latch

Client: Southco
Part: Plastic Automotive Latch (Handed Pairs)
Machine supplied: Poka Yoke Assembly Checking Bench for Automotive Plastic Assembly
Overview: This poka yoke checking system was designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to manually assemble, check and automatically function test a component within their production environment. TQC developed this system alongside the client to allow them to supply a fully tested assembly to their customer, a leading automotive vehicle manufacturer.
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Key features:

Poka Yoke Assembly Bench for Automotive Latch
  • Manual Assembly Area
  • Self-guarding drawer style fixture
  • Automated part presence detection
  • Automatic function test
  • Assembly bench for poka yoke checking with modular construction including light and fan for operator comfort

TQC has produced a free standing poka-yoke checking bench and fixture to check and function test a plastic moulded automotive assembly, featuring both left-hand and right-hand variants.

The assembly bench provides space for the hand assembly of the unit, and features storage bins for all the necessary components and for completed product post-test. The test fixture checks that all the necessary parts are in place and then performs a functional test whereby the assembly is opened and closed, checking that the unit operates in a satisfactory manner.

Details of the assembly bench built for Southco to handle a plastic automotive assembly

This system is an example of where poka yoke assembly check equipment is a cost effective solution that helps bring time savings efficiency to the manual labour processes associated with producing quality assured, checked assemblies. TQC manufacture automated and semi-automated assembly systems that provide poka yoke inspections that help eliminate failures in production line and assembly system operations.

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