Assembly Automation: Checking jigs and assembly fixtures - Overview

TQC have designed and produced a number of jigs and fixtures for several applications across a number of industry sectors including the automotive, automotive plastics, welding and aerospace industries.

Large aerospace casting checking fixture

The abilities of our in-house jig and tool design facilities enable simple jigs and more complex fixtures to be designed to suit the customers requirements. Laser cut tooling is comonly used as this allows complex shapes to be cut to match customer design information.

Jigs and fixtures along with specific tooling form a critical element of machinery designed and supplied by TQC, it is this experience which is used to supply standalone jigs and fixtures to our customers when required. The examples of checking jigs and assembly fixtures shown here vary from a large fixture for measuring and checking a casting for the aerospace industry to a small cost effective checking jig to hold an automotive plastic bumper during the manual polishing process.

TQC jigs and assembly fixtures can aid manual operations by aligning parts to reference datums, securing parts so additional functions can be easily carried out or simply allowing easy access to opposite faces. Many jigs and fixtures supplied are more of an intelligent fixture and incorporate poka yoke, an important requirement especially in the automotive industry for ensuring that it is not possible to produce incorrect parts

Typical applications of TQC produced jigs and fixtures:

Checking and Measurement Fixture


Welding Fixture

Plastic Bumper Polishing Fixture

Underwater leak test fixture




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