Assembly Automation: Jigs & Fixtures - Laser cut profiles

TQC have designed and produced a number of jigs and fixtures for several applications across a number of industry sectors including the automotive, automotive plastics, welding and aerospace industries, a lot of these fixtures have been manufactured using laser cut profiles.

The abilities and experience of our in-house jig and tool design facilities enable fixtures to be designed around customer parts and customer design information. 3D CAD information can be used in combination with laser cutting to produced laser cut profiles that match the customer's parts.

A large number of laser cut profile based fixtures supplied have been for the automotive plastics industries for the handling of plastic bumper during the painting process. As part of the supply, TQC can develop mounting frames for multiple fixtures so that a number of mouldings can be transferred down the paint line. Laser cut fixtures can be CMM checked to ensure the fixture matches the CAD data. To compliment the supply of these fixtures checking or repair fixtures can be supplied, these are also used for manufacturing production volumes of fixtures.

checking fixture for bumper paint fixture


Typical fixture for locating a plastic
bumper during robotic paining




Typical applications of TQC laser cut profiles:

  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Sills and spoilers
  • Vehicle grilles
  • Ancillary trim mouldings

examples of where laser cut profiles are used for location tooling

To find out more about how we can help you with your jigs and fixture and laser cut profiling requirements:

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