Assembly Automation Case Studies: Robotic Handling & Leak Test Cell

Client: Leading Plastic Moulding Company
Part: Automotive Sensor
Machine supplied: Robot cell for automatic handling, vision inspection and leak testing
Overview: This system was designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to automatically produce 100% checked parts in high volume.
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This robot cell includes automatic handling, component bowl feeding, automated leak testing, passed and failed part segregation and automatic packing of automotive moulded plastic sensors.
The system integrates a 6-axis robot handling 6 inserts from a bowl feeding system into 6 moulds located in a mould tool fastened to a rotary table. On completion of the over moulding process assemblies are transferred to a cooling system using the robot and indexed to a position to be leak tested. On completion of the leak test the tested moulding are manipulated into pass/fail/sample chutes to be dropped into packing boxes/bins








Key features:

  • 6-axis robot with multi-part gripper
  • Bowl feeding equipment
  • 6 up part handling
  • Automatic load and unload
  • 6 leak test modules
  • Cooling system for stable leak testing
  • Vision inspection using multiple cameras
  • Passed / failed parts transfer system.

twin robot cell
Robotic Handling System for the automotive industry

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