Industry Sectors: TQC experience in the Castings Industries

The castings industry and predominately the automotive casting industry sector uses a large range of assembly and test automation equipment. TQC have been supplying solutions to this sector for many years supplying systems to leading castings companies.  The majority of the equipment is for leak testing cast metal parts to ensure there is no porosity or other leak paths. However, TQC have completed projects for flow testing, high pressure testing, machining and assembly.

Equipment supplied includes leak testing systems for various engine cast components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, cam covers, clutch cases, gearbox housings, basically TQC have tested most cast metal items under the bonnet that required to be leak tested. 

To compliment the leak testing functionality, TQC can incorporate a number of additional operations either combined within the leak test machine or as seperate equipment. Many assembly operations such as seal fitting, sealant or glue dispensing, ball insertion, fastener screwing and other checking operations including vision measurement, parts presence detection and final pass marking via percussion (dot peen, dot scribe) or laser marking can be added to a leak test machine.

TQC supply a standard series of leak testing solutions for use in the castings industry and these have been developed over the year to include many different customer requirements.

Other equipment supplied to the casting industry sector is flow testing and function testing machines.

castings handled by TQC equipment

To see what equipment we have supplied into the castings industry sector please explore our case studies.

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