Leak Testing Case Studies: Casting Leak Testing of Engine Blocks

Clients: Tier 1 Automotive Engine Manufacturers

Parts: Automotive engine blocks

Machine supplied: Automatic casting leak testers for engine blocks

Overview: These systems were designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to fully automaticaly test the water jacket and oil galleries within engine blocks on an automatic assembly line within their production environment. TQC developed this system alongside the client to allow them to quality assure that their engine blocks were leak free.
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TQC have produced a number of leak test systems for a variety of automotive parts, this includes equipment for the testing of engine block castings.

The machines supplied to date for a range of automotive clients include manual and automated loading / unloading, multi cavity leak testing functions and system diagnostics.

TQC incorporates standard concepts and customises the equipment to suit the components and test parameters. Examples of components tested include the Vauxhall V6 engine, Rover K Series, Jaguar, Scania etc.

Features, Tests & Functions

  • Ferrous and non ferrous castings
  • Machined and 'As Cast' conditions
  • Main cavity, High Pressure Oil & Water Cavity leak tests
  • Interstream leak testing
  • Integrated water submersal for leak area location
  • Integrated flow & blockage testing
  • Automatic core and ball plugging
  • Nolek S9 multi-channel leak test unit allows up to 5 cavities to be tested simultaneously
  • Manual loading and unloading
  • Conveyor transfer
  • Integrated robot cells
  • Secondary machining operations
  • Data logging of results with serial number pass marking for traceability

Cast Iron - fully automated V8 cylinder
block - automatic linear transfer

Interchangeable tooling

Cast Iron - 'As Cast' 3 cylinder
engine block. Fully automatic transfer.

Aluminium fully machined 6 cylinder
engine block with water dunk.
Manual load / unload with gripper 'lift assist'





Typical Leak Rates and Test Pressures for no-fluid leakage

  • Oil Circuits: 50mm3/sec @ 0.3 bar 3cc / min
  • Water Circuits: 200mm3/sec @ 1 bar 12cc / min
  • Interstream: 140mm3/sec @ 0.7 bar differential 8.4cc/min

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