Leak Testing Case Studies: Helium Leak Testing Bench

Client: Various

Part: Various

Machine supplied: Helium leak test bench

Overview: Various applications can be tested using the concept of this standard helium leak test bench.
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helium leak test bench

TQC have a standard range of helium leak testing solutions that use common elements and bespoke tooling to offer application specific testing.

Typically, components are loaded into a fixture for testing with the system automatically evacuating the part and then filling with a measured dose/pressure of helium test gas.  The part evacuation cycle acts as an initial leak test to ensure helium gas is not wasted by testing a gross leaking part.  Once helium is present in the part, the mass spectrometer carries out the test.  Typical test accuracy for a bench like this is 1x10-8 mbar.l / sec. And above.  Following any testing a sniffer probe connected to the mass spectrometer can be used to locate the leaks that are larger than 10-5 mbar.l/sec

Special elements of this application pictured were that the test piece had to be subjected to ultra high vacuum of 1x10-4 mbar for 25 minutes prior to any testing.

The main features of the system are - 

    • Mobile bench on lockable castors
    • Test chamber with manually clampable lid
    • Storage position for Helium gas bottle
    • Test system cabinet
    • Electrical cabinet with industrial PC.
    • Operator interface – screen, keyboard and pushbutton box.
    • Box with master test piece and leak location probe
    • Main vacuum pump
    • Helium leak detector


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