Leak Testing Case Studies: High Pressure Leak Test Facility for Water Valves

Client: Large process / water valve manufacturer

Part: Water valves

Machine supplied: Leak test facility

Overview: This system was designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to leak test large valves within their production environment. TQC developed this system alongside the client to allow them to leak and function test a range of valves.
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Water valves with diameters of 20-100mm can be leak tested both internally and externally using the 'differential pressure with water' technique.

The features of the machine include easily removable tools for the variable diameters of valves and torque control for closing the valve, and rotation control at opening and closing of the valve. The control panel is accessible, with a keyboard for the setting of parameters, such as programmes, times, alarm points and pressures. The display indicates the test process, pressures and a test result in pascals. A separate pump stand allows access for maintenance.The measurement pneumatic equipment is contained within a separate enclosure

There is a pressure tank and return water tank with requisite filters and valves included, and a sugevac vaccum pump for vaccum pumping of the valve before filling with water, which provides a high filling rate and eliminates the fill time before pressure stabilisation. the maximum external test pressure is 25 bar. A drip tray is placed under the fixture to collect waste water and at the lowest point, there is a pump for the evacuation of waste water.

Technical data

  • Test piece:Water valve, diameter 20-100mm
  • External Pressure:40 bar
  • Internal pressure:25 bar
  • Leak rate: 2 drops water per sec
  • Cycle time: Approx 70 sec (without handling)
  • Connections:
    • Power supply 240/400 V 50H z,
    • Air approx 6 bar,
    • water and drain BSP/NPT threads    


Upon activation of the start button, the valve is automatically loaded and the protective guard descends, and automatically locks. The guard may be opened after the test pressure has been reached to allow for visual leak location. The machine is equipped with clear protective guards and safety switches on three sides to allow for valve maintenance and filter exchange.

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