News from TQC, Nottingham: Employee News Update

The last 18 months has been a very busy year for TQC in all areas. 2013 was a successful year and many assembly and test system were designed, assembled and installated at customer facilities around the world. 2014 began with a full shopfloor and many examples of automation equipment was in various stages of assembly and development. Over 20 bowl feeders, 2 robots and 2 pallet track conveyor system made up the majority of what TQC were working on during the last few months.

In other news, there have been a few personnel changes over the last few months with retirements causing replacements to be recruited, TQC remain a very low staff turnover company which allows our customers continuity of contact with us.

Regular ISO9001 audits have been completed successfully with the next planned visit for June 2014.

As you will see by reading this, the main website has been revamped to a more modern style but retains the same level of content to give viewers information on TQC and background knowledge around the assembly and test automation industry sector. TQC welcome any feedback on the new website via the e-mail address below.

The remainder of 2014 is again looking busy with new orders secured, numerous opportunities to win and fresh enquiries to look at for both existing and new clients.

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