News from TQC, Nottingham: Company Improvements

During 2008 and 2009, TQC made several improvements to the exterior and interior of the factory they own on Hooton Street.

Exterior improvements completed include -tqc building on hooton street nottingham

  • Cladding of the roof on the office space
  • New uPvc windows to the first floor and the mechanical design office
  • New building facia to the approach side of TQC
  • New larger access door to the main assembly area

tqc company improvements on the building


This work has improved the working environment at TQC and with the larger access door it is easier to move the ever increasing number of larger machines and systems around.

Other improvements that are worthwhile mentioning are that TQC now fully utilise SolidWorks 3D for all mechanical design work with 8 workstations.

Recycling is currently a big issue and we have analysed how we can improve this, TQC have implemented the following -

  • Recycling of all paper, cardboard and packaging material
  • Recycling of all scrap metal produced during our machining and fabrication processes.

Looking forward, we hope to roll out many further improvements to increase the quality of the working environment for all employees and visitors. There will be website updates on this work as it happens.

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