News from TQC, Nottingham: New website revamp completed

TQC have been working closely with a Web and SEO consultant revamping the TQC website.

The website has been successful for over 15 years but now with improvements in how the user navigates between pages and a tidying up of sections outlining how TQC can help, we hope that the user experience will be improved. The ability to view TQC machine video streams from YouTube has been incorporated into many pages.

We have kept the ethos of having in depth information and interesting case studies on the equipment TQC design and manufacture and hope that the viewer will find pages that are more interesting and informative.

We would welcome any feedback on the revamped site via our contact form and we will endeavour to continue to improve the site and add more pages as more equipment is successfully installed at our clients site.

For feedback on our new site:

Please e-mail sales on

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