Special Machines: Feasibility studies, proof of principal rigs and prototyping services

TQC quite often get involved in more that just assembly, test and automation equipment as clients require development work prior to full production.  TQC offers our clients the ability to look into whether a project is viable by carrying out a feasibility study, a proof of principal rig and by prototyping ideas.

Using experience and skills developed in supply special machinery for over 25+ years, TQC are well equipped to look at your problem or requirements and advise the best way forward.

TQC can use 3D CAD to provide animated models of mechanisms and systems, we can also design and manufacture prototype tooling and mechanisms.

TQC have built a number of Proof of Principle machines where a theoretical idea or technique can be evaluated. Examples of this are

  • Proof of principle test rig for aluminium gas bottles
  • Vial handling system for ensuring the orientation of the vial prior to filling

Proof of principle (POP) projects are also a means of limiting expenditure on costly machine developments by investigating the technically challenging areas of a machine or system. Whereas most of the POP and feasibility exercises then carry on to full machines, sometime we have proven that a reliable machine or system was not possible and have so prevented time and expense being spent.

To find out more about how we can help you with your feasibility study, proof of principal rig or prototyping requirements:

We build all machines in-house, applying our 25+ years experience in specialised test and automated handling machines to the engineering projects we undertake. We offer customer support, backup and service call-out for all projects, whatever the size.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to offer our professional advice and visit you at your site.

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