Special Machines: Flow Testing Solutions

The general concept of flow testing and flow measurement is to apply a pressure to a test medium through a flow path within a test part and measure the resulting flow.

Flow testing is used in many industry sectors and on a number of different parts including many automotive castings and pipework runs and parts such a valves.

Flow testing can be used for the following applications –

  • Blockage testing to ensure that a defined path is present and not blocked
  • Function testing of valves and other actuators to ensure correct opening and closing
  • An alternative method of leak testing parts by measuring the flow with parts
  • Turbocharger testing

TQC provide flow test and measurement equipment and a flow testing service. Test mediums used include air, water and hydraulic oil, test instrumentation can be via a standard equipment or a bespoke engineering solution. Flow testing can be performed on dedicated equipment or be a station within a system.flow testing solution

Platen based handling system for automatic transfer of turbocharger housing casting to a flow testing station, checking the flow readings and then passing or failing each part as necessary. Fur further details view our Case Study for this machine





Pneumatic valve testing within interchangeable tooling. This system also did function testing and leak testing of the component.pneumatic part flow testing









The photograph below shows a typical self-contained production line test unit.  The model shown here is for the flow and pressure testing of refridgerant compressors. Such units feature automatic pressure control, data logging and results printout, and are fitted with quick connectors and sliding guards for ease of use. special machines compressor testing

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