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The phrase 'Function Testing' in manufacturing is a term that covers a wide spectrum of testing and is usually performed as part of the quality control process at the end of the production line process.

The term 'function test' describes how a particular component will be tested and function testing systems ordinariliy have the ability to collect and process data to ensure that the part being tested perform all functions as it has been designed to carry out. 

Function test machines are usually developed to be used in specific ways as part of the final quality control in the manufacturing process.

Electro-mechanical (EMT) or function testing is a quality assurance process that can be mechanical or electrical and is used in many industry sectors. It can be applied to a number of different parts and assemblies including medical devices, valves, latches and complex automotive assemblies.

Examples of function test machines we have previosuly supplied to clients include:

  • Mechanism cycling to ensure correct opening and closing forces and motions/distances
  • Function testing of valves and other actuators to ensure correct opening and closing
  • Electrical checking including resistance measurement and flash testing
function test machine
function test machine for hinges

This image shows an example of a manually loaded function testing machine built by TQC for a Client that was required to test a plastic moulded automotive assembly.

The purpose of the test was to ensure correct operation of the component parts following manual assembly. The tooling accommodates both left-hand and right-hand variants


Opposite shows a 2-station systems supplied for function testing and checking windscreen motors for the automotive sector. This system mimicked the motion of the wiper arms and checked using a vision system that the movement was correct.

A function test station that was an integral part of a assembly and test system supplied by TQC included a function test that monitored the load and angle of the assembly during operation.

TQC provide function test machines and equipment for all types of parts. Function testing solutions generally include bespoke tooling and mechanisms combined with standard test instrumentation or special detection solutions

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