Special Machines Case Studies: Plastic bumper assembly and checking equipment

Client: Leading Global Automotive Plastic Moulding Suppliers
Machinery supplied: Plastic Bumper Assembly and Checking Fixtures
Overview: These systems were designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to handle automotive plastic mouldings and to add value to these moulding by assembly parts into them. TQC developed these system alongside the client to allow them to supply quanlity controlled modules to their customers who are generally automotive vehicle manufacturers
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Key features:

  • Fixtures that allow access to A and B faces of moulding for manual assembly operations
  • Plastic trim, Fastener and Clip presence detection
  • Part length measurement
  • Assisted assembly using mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuation
  • Hot plate welding operations
  • 100% correct part assembly with incomplete and failed parts locked into tooling

TQC are specialists in plastic bumper assembly & checking fixtures that are used within the automotive plastics industry sector. A typical system is designed and supplied by TQC to allow manual assembly and assisted automatic assembly of parts and fasteners into plastic bumper mouldings.

These fixtures allow 100% correct, fault free, poka yoke assembly of automotive bumpers by deskilled labour as the fixture provides the intelligence and checking to ensure each assembly is correct before releasing it from the tooling. This poka yoke methodology is the expected procedure within the automotive industry today, and allows for multiple variations of plastic bumper assembly to be successfully assembled.special machines clip presence check

Fixture for checking the presence of manually inserted clips into automotive body trim mouldings. The operator loads the plastic mouldings onto the jig or fixture and fits the clips using a special application tool. Left hand and right hand parts are handled simultaneously on the same machine

special machines length checking fixture Fixture that checks the length of the moulding to ensure it is within tolerance prior to allowing the operator to manually assembly it. If the plastic moulding is correct the operator is able to rotate the fixture to gain access to fit clips into features on the b face. Once final completion and checking of the assembly, a label is automatically printed for the operator to apply prior to unloading.

special machine spitroast fixture

This range of equipment enhances the scope of assembly and checking fixtures to include integrated testing of fitted electrical parts such as lights and parking sensors (PDC's) that are fitted into the plastic moulded bumper.

The benefit of these 'spit roast' machines is that they allow access to both the 'A' or visible face of the panel and the 'B' face, this allows for quick and easy access to assemble and clip in various optional extras of the assembly by hand.special machines bumper assembly spitroast

For plastic bumpers with unique assembly options the spit roast solution can use barcode information to define the options specific to that bumper.  The display panel indicates the assembly operations required and the machine carries out a presence and function test to ensure the plastic bumper assembly is correct. A final operation on the bumper is to align the number plate and secure with automatic screwdrivers

special machines plastic grill sub assembly fixture hotplate weldling

Grill sub-assemblies fixture that incorporates automatic part detection and a hot plate welder. The main grill moulding is loaded by an operator and secured in place using vacuum. Other components such as chrome strips, badges and light clusters are manually fitted and automatically tested in the fixture and hot plate welding secures the badge in place. Only correctly assembled grills are then automatically released from the fixture for manual unloading

special machines bumper fixture windmillspecial machines bumper fixture windmill

This fixture designed by TQC is known as a ‘Windmill’ as it is able to rotate either clockwise or anti clockwise (to accommodate left and right handed users). There are additional stop positions at +/-90 degrees to allow access for assembly operations at these positions such as easy fitting of in-bumper parking sensors, or any other parts which require access from both sides at the same time. The operator loads the part and energises the vacuum, once secured a foot operated switch is depressed which allows  the plastic moulding to be rotated and locked in a different position.

TQC also supply other automotive plastics handling, assembly and checking solutions for automotive trim parts such as sills and spoilers, some of these require handling parts is left hand and right hand pairs.

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