Special Machines Case Studies: Plastic bumper painting and finishing equipment

Client: Leading Global Automotive Plastic Moulding Suppliers
Machinery supplied: Plastic Bumper Painting and Finishing Equipment
Overview: This equipment has been designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to handle automotive plastic moulding through painting and finishing operations. TQC developed this equipment alongside the client to allow them to supply quanlity controlled painted mouldings to their customers who are generally automotive vehicle manufacturers
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Key features:

  • Fixtures that allow access to the A faces of moulding for painting and finishing operations
  • Positive location of moulded parts
  • Complete suite of equipment supplied for automated painting operations

TQC are specialists in design and manufacture of plastic bumper fixtures and laser cut profile jigs for plastic bumper painting and polishing operation widely used within the automotive plastics industry sector.

Fixtures of this laser cut profiled design have been provided for many leading companies with the automotive plastics industry. These jigs or cams handle front or rear bumpers through an automated robot painting line. The plastic bumper is mounted onto a paint jig which is then subsequently positioned onto a trolley top.

The paint jigs are laser cut to suit the bumper profile and incorporate positive locations to accurately align the part.

To assemble and check the paint cams, welding is carried out within an accurate test fixture. This test fixture mates with the same face as the jig does with the bumper, Co-ordinate measurement is used to measure the check fixture against car bumper data.

The trolley top is again laser cut to suit the paint cam and the paint line transfer system, the capacity is based on customer requirements and the overall bumper size, 4 or 6 up is typical.bumper on a paint fixture on top of a trolley

Bumper mounting fixture and transfer trolley for use in robot painting operations with the automotive industry






paint fixture manufactured from laser cut profiles paint fixture checking and repair fixture paint fixture located in checking fixture

Left - Paint Jig or Cam for Plastic Bumper Location for robotic paint lines

Centre - Manufacturing and Checking Fixture for Paint Jigs, also used for repaired damaged jigs

Right - Jig being checked or repaired within the Fixture

finishing or polishing fixturepolishing or finishing fixtureA variation that TQC developed from the paint fixtures is a fixture that is used for the final finishing  or polishing of plastic bumpers and the final inspection.

The TQC polishing post is designed specifically for each bumper design and uses a top cradle that locates on the underside of the bumper (the B face) and a vacuum cup to secure the plastic bumper in place.

When using the polishing post the operator manoeuvres the secured bumper to the desired position by rotating a ball joint mechanism that is released by use of a pneumatic footswitch.  To assist the operator integral polishing tool holders are incorporated.

This is just one area of equipment supplied by TQC for the automotive plastics industry sector, TQC can also supply fixtures for bumper assembly and checking and other special purpose or bespoke solutions to suit production requirements at customer sites.

To find out more about how we can help you with your bumper painting and finishing fixtures:

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