Special Machines Case Studies: Platen-based flow testing of turbocharger housings

Client: UK Based Engineering Company
Machinery supplied: Platen Based Flow Testing of Turbocharger Housings
Overview: This equipment has been designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to 100% check a turbocharger housing was correct and allowed sufficient flow to pass through. TQC developed this equipment alongside the client to ensure that they supplied correct parts to their customer, a leading automotive vehicle manufacturer.
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Key features:

  • Flexlink conveyor & platen part transfer system
  • Flow test station using a rotameter and digital display with minimum flow alarm trip point
  • Impact marking of passed parts
  • Automatic unload
  • 30 second cycle time, 10 minute infeed buffer

platen based flow test systemThe customer required a 100% production flow test for the water cavity with a turbocharger centre housing casting to ensure sufficient flow passes through.

The flow test uses an air flow correlated to a minimum water flow value at a pressure drop of 0.1bar. The test checks for total or partial blockage of the water cooling cavity.

This TQC system allows manual loading of parts into an infeed buffer and then automatic flow testing of the parts.

At the test station the part is lifted clear of the platen, the open ports are sealed and air is used as the test medium. The air flow is measured and if sufficient flow is achieved, the part is marked as a pass.

turbocharger housing being flow tested flow testing instrumentationAll parts are automatically unloaded by a 2-axis pick and place system, passed parts into one lane, failed parts into another. The empty platens are recirculated ready for manual re-loading.

TQC can also other platen based system and can supply test equipment for a variety of requirements.

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