Technology Modules: Bowl Feeders

bowl feeder for small ball bearingsBowl feeders, also known as vibration feeders, allow bulk product to be sorted, orientated and fed out as individual components.   Bowl feeders use vibration to transmit motion into components to transfer them from the bowl out onto an outfeed system.  The outfeed system incorporates bespoke tooling to align the components into the correct orientation and also features that rejects incorrectly aligned parts back into the bowl.

Screws and similar small parts can be transported directly from the tooling at the bowl outfeed by blow feeding using a puff of air and a bespoke transfer tube.

bowl feeder integrated to assembly system by TQC LtdOften vibrating bowl feeders trasnfer to an integrated linear feeder to provide a buffer of orientated parts, this is especially usefull for higher speed applications.

Bowl feeders can typically handle components at rates that are suitable for automatic assembly operations and a fully automatic assembly system can include a number of bowl feeders and other part feeding solutions, each system designed and manufactured to accommodate each component used in the assembly. Typically the larger the part, the larger the bowl.

assembly system with multiple bowl feedersVibrating bowl feeders are sometimes used as capacity devices, however, there is an optimal quantity for smooth operation. Too many or not enough parts reduces the delivery capability. If larger capacity quantities are required one should consider a bulk hopper connected to the vibratory bowl feeder that will automatically top up the bowl as necessary.

Vibrating bowl or linear feeders can be noisy if the parts "ring", this specifically relates to metal parts. One may need to use an acoustic cover or hood to attenuate the emitted noise to safe levels.

Examples of parts fed using bowl feeders –

  • Fasteners / screws
  • O rings
  • Metal or plastic inserts
  • Plastic mouldings

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