Technology Modules: Laser Marking

Laser marking technology allows fast, repeatable and cost effective marking of components  This non contact marking process can be integrated into automated systems and combined with a number of other operations to complete an automated manufactured cell.

TQC can integrate equipment upstream and downstream from the laser marking operation, this can include any materials handling requirements, assembly function or testing operations.  Common requirements include automated leak testing of part or automatic assembly opertations with the laser marking a final pass mark that can include both human readable information and barcode code or 2D matrix images.  Vision inspection is commonly integrated with laser marking to ensure the correct marking process is performed and this can include optical character recognition.

TQC has supplied a laser marking solution for a leading engineering company, this system included interchangeable tooling to accommodate different part variants, a two position rotary table to allow manual loading and unloading and laser marking to be carried our concurrently, and full vision inspection and OCR on the laser mark.  Information of this project is available in our here

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