Technology Modules: Automatic Leak Test Connectors

A key technology module for leak testing equipment is the test connectors, if these leak then all parts will fail any tests.

TQC can supply a standard range of automatic sealing connectors that can be used in a number of applications including leak and pressure testing of parts. There are both internal bore and external bore variants available to connectors to internal bores from 10mm up to 75mm and from 3mm up to 71mm outer bore diameter sizes.

Datasheets on these standard connectors are available

internal connections
external connections.

These automatic connectors are single acting and use a single actuation port. When air pressure is applied, a piston acts on a seal to expand the seal on the component. Connectors are supplied with a central test port which can be blanked off as necessary.

TQC have over the years developed special connectors based around the standard connectors, generally a solution can be found for any application!

Typical examples of when a special connector is required -

  • Part geometry does not suit the standard connector, TQC modify the design of the 'nose' of the connector to be suit (shorter or longer)
  • Test pressures exceed the valid standard connector values, TQC can supply connectors with a gripping mechanism that secures the connector to the test part.
  • Multiple ports in close proximity, TQC can design a multi connector to suit the application
  • High speed application, TQC can provide a double acting connector so that the seal is positively released from the test part


internal and external bore leak test connectors

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