Technology Modules: Magazines

Magazines are a method of retaining a number of components in a known orientation. Once a magazine has been loaded, individual parts can to be fed from the magazine as required, for example into a pick and place gripper within an assembly system.

Magazines are designed to suit the component and the handling requirements with typical magazines being either vertical or horizontal stacks.  Individual components can be picked from the top or bottom of the stack with mechanism for sliding out the bottom component from stack commonly used.

A significant quantity of flat parts can be stored in a magazine. Examples of such parts include gaskets and pressings. If the manufacturer of these parts can supply the parts stacked in shipping packaging it makes the magazine loading on the assembly equipment mush easier!

Examples of parts fed using magazines –

  • Metal pressings
  • Gaskets
  • Tubes
  • Nestable parts eg. plastic cartons, trays
  • Sheets

Careful consideration needs to be taken when separating parts and presenting individual parts for assembly operations. Sometimes additional features such as air knives, deionised and ionised air, magnetic separators or electromagnetic separation are required.

TQC's specific expertise in this area is the integration of magazines and the required separation devices into complex machine systems.

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