Technology Modules: Pallet Transfer Systems

Pallet transfer systems are commonly used for assembly and test automation solutions.  The pallet has bespoke tooling fitted to it that locates components in a manner that suits the automation requirements.  The transfer system moves the pallets between stations that are located along the system that will sequentially carry out assembly and test procedures.  The pallet track can be designed in any shape including bends, cross transfers and merging sections.  The return of the empty pallet to the start of the automation sequence can either be back underneath or simply back around the system (ie transfer loop).

pallet track system for seat reclinerpallet track system for latches

The main benefits of using pallet tracks systems is that assembly and test operations are delinked and buffer zones can be included between operations.  If the assembly operations on a system are unbalanced, for example one operation takes 10 seconds and another 2 seconds, using a pallet transfer system offers the solution as pallets can queue up or be processed in multiples for the longer operation. 

Pallet transfer systems are ideal for semi-automatic systems as the operator zones can be unguarded to allow easy and safe access.

Examples of where TQC have integrated pallet transfer systems include –

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