Technology Modules: Parts Feeding

metal insert bowl feeder integrated by TQC LtdPart feeding is the commonly used term that describes the transfer of parts from bulk to allow operations to be carried out on individual components. The majority of fully automatic special purpose machines include some form of part feeding. Common methods of parts feeding are bowl feeding or magazine feeding.

Magazines and linear fedders usually require the parts to be orientated before being loaded. Typically these devices are used where throughput is less than 1 every 4 seconds. Another criteria for using these types of part feeding solutions is if the part is fragile and cannot be handled using a bowl feeder.

bowl feederVibrating bowl feeders are sometimes used as capacity devices, however, there is an optimal quantity for smooth operation. Too many or not enough parts reduces the delivery capability. If larger capacity quantities are required one should consider a bulk hopper connected to the vibratory bowl feeder that will automatically top up the bowl as necessary.

Vibrating bowl or linear feeders can be noisy if the parts "ring", this specifically relates to metal parts. One may need to use an acoustic cover or hood to attenuate the emitted noise to safe levels.

step feederelevating hopper feeder

TQC have knowledge of integrating many different forms of part feeding equipment and  TQC works closely with leading manufacturers who specialise in part feeding equipment to ensure high performance and reliable solutions are provided.

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