Technology Modules: PLC Control Systems

PLC based systems use a Programmable Logic Controller as the heart of the system.

The PLC has various inputs and outputs connected that are programmed to use these connections to run sequences of electro-mechanical operations as needed by an automated system.  Operator controls are provided generally by the use of a Human Machine Interface (HMI) which can be a simple unit with a single line of text up to a large touch screen unit.

The PLC is generally a robust controller that can process inputs and outputs (I/O) in digital and analogue format to control a machine. Where there is a substantial requirement for data recording for statisical process control, often the PLC is then accompanied by a PC system as well.

More recently, PLC systems now provide an increased memory capability either directly in the CPU or in the HMI this allows a certain level of date to be handled by a PLC controlled system but where large amounts of data need to be hadled and manipulated a PC system is a better solution.

TQC works closely with leading PLC manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Allen Bradley and Beckhoff so we can design, assembly and program the best solution for our clients.

Examples of PLC controlled systems from TQC –

typical machine control panel typical operator control hmi

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