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Mitsubishi Robot Specialist

SCARA robotTQC have performed a number of sophisticated Robot systems for several demanding applications. The projects have ranged from the use of proprietary robot units to the development of a large, complex gantry robot system.

SCARA robotTQC have provided multi-robot production lines and single robot workstations in different applications, ranging from automotive parts manufacture and modification, transfer of green state ceramic components to high precision automation at high speeds.

There are generally 4 types of robot, a six-axis robot, a SCARA robot, a Delta robot or a cartesian gantry style unit. Robots can either handle production parts between sequential operations or for increased throughput can pick and place parts between technology modules such as parts feeders, markers, vision inspection. Proprietary robots are cost effective for systems requiring positional arrangements of “one to many”, “many to one”, profile following and sophisticated positional control. These are listed below:

  • Six Axis Robot Systems. TQC ihave experience of integrating Fanuc, Kawasaki, ABB and Mitsubishi 6 axis robots of various sizes.
  • SCARA Robot Systems. These systems have generally 4 axes; generally arranged as 3 circular (polar axes) in the horizontal and a single vertical axis. The smaller robots tend to have the vertical axis mounted on the end of the robot arm, whereas the larger robots have the vertical axis arranged as the central column. TQC has experience of both of these types of systems and has integrated Sony, Seiko Epsom and Toshiba SCARA robots. SCARA robots are used extensively in the production of small electronic components due to the rapid speeds they can attain.
  • Cartesian gantry robots. In TQC’s experience these systems are generally made to suite specific requirements. More recently many additional suppliers like Festo (a TQC partner) have produced electric cylinder systems that can be arranged in this way. TQC also has experience of Hepco, SMC and many other Cartesian systems. TQC once had to build a robot with a 6metre x 4metre x 2.5metre envelope which it build from proprietary parts.

Due to TQC’s experiences with a range of robot systems, if you have a particular requirement contact TQC to discuss the options you may have.

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