Technology Modules: Special Connectors

TQC have been involved in a number of projects that have required special connectors. These bespoke applications, have needed the design and manufacture of connectors to suit the customers requirement.

Examples of where special connectors are useful are in the medical industry, fibreoptic application, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical power, instrumentation and data handling. connector and air fusebespoke connectorelectrical connector


TQC uses the experience built up in supplying leak test, burst test and other testing equipment over the last 20+ years to enable specific special connectors to be designed, manufactured and developed to meet the requirements.

Numerous connectors are readily available for most applications but when high pressure, small size or special combination connectors are required, specially designed connectors are required.

The important factor when dealing with higher pressure is that some means of mechanical restraint is required when sealing as the seal does not have not sufficient grip. Restraint can be achieved by gripping the outside of the part using teeth or clamping onto a local feature such as a bend. If you have a high pressure requirement we need details on how we could restrain the connector so this can be incorporated into the design.

When bespoke electrical connectors are required, TQC also has the experience to design a special connector to suit. Electrical continuity testing of multiple pins connections and load / flash testing using spade connectors with integral alignment and location mechanisms are just two examples of previously supplied special electrical connectors

Connectors supplied to date operate in leak test, burst test and component sealing applications where standard off the shelf connectors are not available or suitable. Associated equipment also developed is an air fuse that is fixed to a special connector to conserve air in the event that the part disconnects whilst pressurised.

Industries and applications that will find special connectors useful include

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