Technology Modules: Vision Inspection

 Vision inspection is probably the most common use of vision systems. 

Typically vision inspection checks to see if a component is as expected, checking that features are present and no additional features (eg flash on mouldings) are present.  Other forms of inspection that are used in automatic assembly systems is where the assembly is inspected as it is built up to ensure it is correct.  Vision inspection is used to control other technology modules such as robots in applications where parts need to be orientated.

Vision inspection can be achieved using lower specification pattern matching sensors if the contrast between expected and not expected results is large.  If the application needs a more advanced inspection system a full camera solution with lighting can be integrated into the equipment.

Examples of where TQC have integrated vision inspection include –

  • Parts presence detection on multi-variant assemblies
  • Correct assembly process checking

vision inspection camera twin camera systems on special purpose machine vision inspection camera system

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